The Biermann Family

Biermann Family

Schani Biermann, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, has done extensive research over the past 10 years on the Biermann ancestry. The following is almost entirely based on Schani Biermann's work. However, from generation no. 8 and forward new information from other sources has been added.

Schani Biermann recently wrote to a group of Biermann decendants : 

"Our ancestors lived in Ostfriesland from about 1750-1860. The Biermanns were "arbeiter" (labourers) and worked the farmlands surrounding the parish towns of Hage and Nesse. In the 1860's some of the family moved to Hohenkirchen, a small village just north of Jever, in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, where my great-grandfather, Johann Heinrich Bernhard Biermann was born on May 11, 1862. JHB Biermann eventually moved to Nord Schleswig where he met his future Danish wife, Marie Cathrine Johansen. My great-grandparents had ten children, my grandfather, Heinrich Biermann, being the eighth child and fourth son. He was born in the village of Kobenhoved, northwest of Woyens, on October 4, 1898 at a time when that part of Schleswig was under German rule. My father Helmer Biermann was born in Skærbæk, Denmark on February 15, 1923. My father was only 4 years old when he and his parents immigrated to Canada, arriving at the Port of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada on Easter Sunday, April 17, 1927."

Schani Biermann's work can be downloaded as an PDF-file: Schani Biermann's research (Ostfriesland, Schleswig, Canada, Denmark)

Already around 1860 Johann Harms Biermann and his son Harm Janssen Biermann immigrated to the US. A direct desendant John Bierman has researched this branch of the family. His work can also be downloaded: John Bierman's research (mainly USA)



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